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For all your concerns about maternity, parenting, and babycare, connect with inquisitive moms like you
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The beauty and fashion community is for all the females who are passionate about personal style, grooming, and looking good. They can share information and tips on fashion, makeup, skincare, hairstyles, and other aspects of personal appearance.
Our Story
We started as a recommendation engine to help people find the best books, movies, products, places, doctors and more. The cumulative experiences made it a great place to discover new things.

We’ve hence evolved into more communities, where people with common interests come together to connect, interact and follow their favorite community members. Here, belong, connect and communicate while sharing their experiences, suggestions and recommendations on various products and services.
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experiences to
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Women who want to leverage community and social knowledge to make life easier by seeking advise, giving advise, sharing opinions or experiences.

Being connected in communities on floom provides you with:-
Curated and precise knowledge on various topics of everyday use
Chat and discussion forums for you to talk your heart out with your community mates
Access to your community friend's product preferences and lifestyle choices
Bonus! You get badges and social visibility through helpful contributions in the communities

Absolutely! We are very fanatic about data privacy and never share your information or your activities on our app with any 3rd party.

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